2021 OPCEA Golf Recap

Thank you all for participating the 2021 OPCEA Golf Tournament. It was a refreshing experience to see customers and colleagues in the flesh after a strange and stressful 18 months of COVID‐19! We had a fantastic turnout of 123 players starting in a shotgun start with a beautiful sunny day. The scores reflected groups having a lot of fun and some making a run for the John Comney Trophy. It was an extremely competitive day with many strong scores recorded. With that said the Veolia group posted a blistering 12 under par and came out on top!!!

Congratulations to David Pearce, Mike Martins, Manny Baron and Bradley Young for winning the 2021 OPCEA Golf Tournament **COVID‐19 edition**. A special thank you to all our tournament hole sponsors. Full list of results can be found on the OPCEA LinkedIn profile page.|

As mentioned during the tournament, OPCEA strives to support Water for People at all our yearly events. Water for People Canada would like to thank OPCEA Members for your ongoing support. The winner of the 50 – 50 draw was Kris Montgomery from ACG – Envirocan.

Thank you again for your support during these uncertain times, look forward to seeing everyone at the
2022 OPCEA Golf Tournament.

Gary Fricke & Kris Montgomery
2021 Golf Tournament Coordinators