2019 OPCEA AGM announcement

In an effort to make attendance more convenient for members the OPCEA Board of Directors has decided to hold the annual general meeting at the 2019 WEAO Conference on Sunday April 14th, 2019 from 5-6pm at the Toronto Metro Center in Room #103 A. This is just prior to the Sunday Icebreaker Reception, which many members traditionally attend.
The Board strongly urges you to make every effort to attend this event. This meeting provides a forum for the Board to update members on their activities and for members to make suggestions to the new board. This year, the OPCEA board requires two director positions to be filled. Nominations for the 2019 OPCEA executive will be taken from the floor. Should you wish to nominate someone prior to the AGM, please email names to Robert Lee Robert.lee@cematrix.com, Steve Davey steve@esemag.com, or Max Rao max.rao@aquafy-wt.com.