First published for distribution at the 1988 WEAO/OPCEA conference and tradeshow, OPCEA’s Membership Guide was the idea of Larry Madden of C&M Environmental and current WEAO Treasurer. The first edition profiled OPCEA’s 60+ members and was a mere 24 largely black and white pages in size.

Since that time, the association has grown to over 170 members and the directory has followed suit.  The current edition is 84 full colour pages in size, and is “book bound” for added prestige and durability.

2018 marked the 30th edition of the OPCEA Membership Guide.

It provides the name, contact information, and equipment, products and services provided for each member company. This directory enables you to source vendors from among OPCEA members, by searching the manufacturer’s name or product trade names or trademark.  Copies are distributed to thousands of key environmental professionals across Ontario and at the annual WEAO/OPCEA conference and tradeshow. It is a most useful guide available for sourcing pollution control equipment and services for both municipal and industrial applications.

Available here: OPCEA 2018 Membership Guide